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idiot or what was happening. it was only after the killing that his staff and remembered the name that this guy had applied online and found out this is indeed the guy who applied online to join our gun range and had this very, very odd message machine at his home. it is bits and pieces but we now know that james holmes was at least trying or attempting to get to a gun range to practice perhaps with the guns he was using allegedly to kill these people. >> has this gun range manager talked to authorities to reveal the information or have they come to him hoping this might fill in blanks in the investigation? >> i don't have that answer directly but the police have either been in front of or right behind us every step of the way. once this person's name came forward i'm sure he was contacted by the fbi which has been combing this town or
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police. again, he had no direct contact. it was only an online application and out of due diligence this gun range owner calls back to kind of query people over the phone and got this very weird and bizarre message. he had never met holmes. holmes never followed up on the online application. it was the one online application on june 25th. >> very fascinating information. some in the theater that night in aurora are revealing more, describing in vivid detail how they narrowly escaped death. you have been hearing incredible stories from survivors. what more are they telling you? >> reporter: we are hearing from survivors. it wasn't just the fact that they witnessed this terrible event and part of it but how they came together in order to survive.
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we are hearing some amazing stories of sacrifice. >> my mind was completely clear of what is going on. this guy is here with a gun. he is shooting at people. stay down. that's the best chance we have. >> reporter: the second thought for josh nole nd, protect his friends. the 31-year-old navy veteran deployed to iraq twice threw himself on top of his friends. dozens of bullets flew through the air. >> there was a big hole in my leg and a big hole in my arm. that is when brandon was like stay down. >> reporter: he says he flattened himself on the floor with his friends beneath him hearing the gunman walk and wait. he must survive for his two sons whose pictures he carries in his wallet. and then the gun jammed. if that gun had not jammed would you be here?
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>> i know i would not be here. if that gun did not jam i am certain i probably would not be here. >> reporter: how are you feeling today? >> scared. you know. of course i'm glad it's over with. yes i am glad i am alive and i get to see my kids but then i also think about the other people that was not as lucky as i was. i mean there were kids, mothers and fathers that were there and they are dead. i'm still alive. >> reporter: amid the horror of what happened inside theater number anine we are hearing an extraordinary story repeated. the number of people who threw themselves on top of friends and family members. >> brad and denise are two of the best people that you would ever get to meet. >> reporter: is that why you jumped on top of them?
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>> i did. i did not want to see those two go. because they have every right to live and be happy. they just got married. >> it's no longer a friendship. it's not even family. it is like something deeper. >> because this is something that will never leave us. >> reporter: his friends won't leave his side now helping nolan through a separate surgery and physical therapy. he has one thing he must do for his emotional recovery. >> i want to go back to the theater and look at that same street and say i beat you. you did not take this life. >> back with us now in aurora. you are at the location where the prayer vigil will be taking
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place this evening. what kind of details are you receiving about what will unfold there? >> reporter: the people in the hospital like the man you saw are working on their physical wounds this community will start working on the emotional healing. this is going to be a prayer vigil tonight, we will see the governor of colorado, mayor of the city, first responders, witnesses, family members trying to get together to begin the community process of hearing. >> thanks so much for bringing that to us. of course we will have live coverage of the events throughout the evening and 8:00 p.m. prime time special. the youngest person killed in this massacre was a six-year-old girl. now more on her. she loved school and she loved playing dressup. veronica mozer-sullivan was at the batman movie with her mom. her mother was critically wounded in the shooting.
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veronica's great aunt said the little girl just learned how to swim. veronica was an only child. her mother is still being hospitalized. president obama is expected to arrive in colorado in the next hour. live from washington with more on the president's scheduled trip and what he is planning to say. he won't be at the vigil. instead he will be meeting privately with some of the victims and some city and local officials. >> he is going to be doing meetings behind closed doors meeting with families of the victims. the president is right now scheduled to be on the ground there for just over two hours and landing right at the base. it is not uncommon to see the president visit cities effected by tragedy whether mass
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shootings like texas or tucson, arizona early last year or cities affected by natural disasters. he was just in colorado springs at the end of june to tour the area affected by wildfires. it is not uncommon during trips like this to at some point see the president on camera. we expect to see him when he arrived. we might also see him at some point speaking on camera about this, delivering some sort of message of comfort to the family members there. we will watch for that. >> has the white house revealed what concerns they had about the president attending the prayer vigil and why both the white house and some of the officials in aurora decided it wasn't the best thing for him to do? >> the white house isn't speaking about this explicitly. they are only talking about what is on the schedule that they have released officially. i know that colorado governor spoke this morning on state of the union and said that the
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issue that had been raised was really a logistical one. this is not uncommon to see this from this white house. they don't want to disrupt anything whether touring the wildfire zone or when he visited joplin, missouri. they don't want to take a lot of the city's resources out of commission or require people at the vigil to arrive hours early for screening. that is in line with how they have acted in the past. >> athenna jones, thanks so much from the white house. we will have more on the massacre in colorado and how that city is trying to heal in a moment. we are getting information out of afghanistan about three americans killed after an afghan policeman opened fire. a nato spokesman says three civilian contractors were involved. an afghan official says the
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gunman was also killed. no motive yet. while the people of aurora work through the shock and the loss others are asking a very familiar question, can we talk about stricter gun control laws? some want the presidential contenders to step up. [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters.
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for a short time the candidates suspended their campaigning because of the aurora, colorado tragedy. as president obama and mitt romney offered condolences new york city mayor demanded gun
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action from the candidates. >> soothing words are nice. maybe it is time the two people that want to be president of the united states stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it. everybody says isn't it tragic. we look for the guys trying to re-create batman. so many murders with guns every day it just has to stop. instead of the two people, president obama and governor romney talking in broad things about they want to make the world a better place. tell us how and this is a real problem. >> joining me from san diego is cnn contributor. good to see you reuben. does michael bloomberg have a point there or would it be too knee jerk for either the president or candidate to start talking about gun issues right now? >> good to be back with you. i think too quick, too soon.
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i think what americans want is pretty much what president bill clinton accomplished after the oklahoma city bombing, a sense of empathy to help with the healing but never get in front of a story. never be seen as trying to shove these events into a preset agenda. clinton did not do that after oklahoma city. it would be a mistake to do that here. >> does this tragedy set the stage for either of these candidates to at some point address their platform as it pertains to guns specifically as we are just about three months away from people going to the polls? >> i would agree that when the time comes that conversation needs to happen. what needs to happen is the discussion that one individual can accumulate an arsenal of weapons without drawing the attention of authorities. whether you are concerned about domestic security or terrorism threats you want to be assured
4:15 pm
that the authorities know who is collecting these weapons and these mass arsenals. that is not too much to ask of our law enforcement agencies. that is something we should be focusing a lot more attention on how one individual can accumulate so much. >> it seems like quite the tight rope for these candidates to talk about it because we are three to four months away from the november elections and it seems as though the democratic party and the republican party everyone has some sort of tie with the nra or certainly wants to not alien ate its supporters and those who are supporters particularly of the second amendment. how delicately will either of these candidates kind of tread when talking about this? even during the debates it is going to come up. they can bet that. >> sure. i think they have to be careful about it and politicians are
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afraid of the nra, people in both parties more afraid of they should be of thas lobbying organization. politicians are afraid of being craven. you want to hear from law enforcement officials and priests and not your favorite politician because politicians tend to approach these issues in clumsy ways. if a politician can avoid that and someone running for office can say i want to deal with this in a sensitive way. >> if not on the issue of gun issues perhaps there are criticisms that both candidates are receiving. people are saying i am not hearing specifically what your platform is on a host of issues from education to jobs, etc. even though both candidates are certainly acknowledging the economy as a number one. is this a problem for both of the candidates? is it a problem that they are just not being specific enough? >> i think the reason they are
4:17 pm
not specific enough and really focusing on personal attacks with president obama can't resist going after mitt romney for his connections with bain capital and you didn't build that business and get here on your own. i think the reason the campaign is handled on that level is these candidates are much more similar than you would imagine. you will see there has been a funneling process. there is day light on some of these issues. >> always good to see you. thanks for joining us from san diego on this sunday. >> great to be with you. we are going to return to our coverage on the massacre in colorado. you are being asked to stop about the suspect. we are going to be hearing some
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injury in the toronto shooting jessica ghawi reflected to her friends how fragile life is. are you a friend or family member of one of the victims? we invite you to share remembererances on report. tell us about a vigil that you attended. the accused gunman, 24-year-old james holmes will make his first court appearance tomorrow. this weekend bomb squads cleared his booby trapped apartment of all explosives. police say holmes left a trail of evidence in his home that is being sent to an fbi lab in virginia. they say the evidence suggests holmes may have been planning the attack for months. before all of this aurora was known as a safe place to live. people who live near the
4:21 pm
suspect's apartment are feeling anything but safe right now. cnn's poppy harlow walked the neighborhood and found people shaken by their close brush with disaster. >> reporter: we don't know when we can go home. they said it could be tonight. it could be another couple of days. forced to evacuate following friday's shooting paul mcqueen is shaken, his children terrified. their apartment building right next to the suspected shooters. for those who live here forced to leave their home it has been a day of angst and questions. >> we need to render the area safe. the most immediate threat is the trip hour. we have been successful in defeating the first threat including the trip wire and the
4:22 pm
first insynurae device. this was set up to detonate when somebody entered that apartment and set up to kill that person. >> reporter: katlyn says she lives in the apartment below the shooter. she heard loud tech no music friday and went upstairs to confront him. >> hearing the latest news that that device was designed to kill whoever entered the apartment is a lot to swallow. >> reporter: fire men shout fire in the hole. >> we have been successful in detonating the second triggering device. we are confident that we have eliminated all major threats at this point however there are many hazards that remain inside this apartment. >> reporter: and much unease for the evacuated families. what has this been like for you
4:23 pm
as a mother? >> it has been really horrible like it is terrifying because i'm a mother of four children and just knowing what happened in the theater to the families and loved ones. come to find out he is right next to us. it's kind of hard because what if he would have came out and happened to just start shooting at the kids. >> i didn't know if they were going to be okay, if that place was going to blow up while i was at work. it was really scary. >> reporter: for now that risk while not eliminated at least in the fbi's words significantly reduced. poppy harlow, cnn, aurora, colorado. on to penn state making a decision concerning an iconic statue that has been on campus for more than ten years.
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an iconic statue honoring joe paterno is gone taken down this morning. also the ncaa says it will hold a press conference tomorrow morning to announce sanctions against the university. there seems to be confusion about the whereabouts of michael jackson's mother, catherine. a nephew reported catherine jackson missing saturday night. then jermaine jackson tweeted i want to reassure everyone that mother is fine but resting up in arizona on the orders of a doctor, not us. this drama is unfolding as the
4:26 pm
family deals with a messy dispute over michael jackson's estate. now overseas to syria. president bashar al-assad made his second appearance on state television. opposition activists report fierce fighting between regime and rebel forces. in a video posted online today the head of a rebel group announced an operation to liberate the city from assad's rule. president obama heading to colorado to comfort the victims of the aurora shooting rampage. the importance of his visit and his words.
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and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management alexander boik was a student. he liked lacrosse and had a girlfriend. they went to the movies that night with a friend. a.j.'s girlfriend and a friend survived. a.j. did not. he died in the theater. >> one of boik's teammates say a.j. was inspirational and could
4:30 pm
not find someone with a brighter smile and more positive outlook on life. a memorial service will be held tonight in aurora. president obama is heading to that city right now. he is expected to arrive in the next hour. the president will meet with the victims, their families and get updated on the investigation. president obama cut short his campaign swing through florida on friday in light of the shooting rampage and spoke about the need for the country to rally behind the people of aurora. >> we will take every step possible to ensure the safety of all of our people. we're going to stand by our neighbors in colorado during this extraordinarily difficult time. i had a chance to speak with the mayor of aurora as well as the governor of colorado to express not just on behalf of michelle and myself but the entire american family how heart broken we are. >> joining us now from
4:31 pm
washington a former speech writer for former president bill clinton. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what sentiment do you suppose this president needs to convey when he speaks to these victims privately? >> well, when he talks to them privately it is very much at the human level and it is expressing sorrow and support in the same way that any human being would. of course, the president is different than many human beings in that we expect a great deal more of him. those one to ones with the families and i have been to those before with president clinton are really done at a human level. >> at least one of the occasions was after the oklahoma city bombing. let's pull a short clip representative of his speech. >> when there is talk of violence let us stand up and talk against it.
4:32 pm
in the face of death, let us honor life. >> what was the primary objective then? clearly you are hearing him say us an awful lot of times there bringing people together. this is not me or you. we are one big family. we heard president obama use something similar on friday when he says the american family has been hurt here. >> you know one of the points in the early stages of these kinds of national tragedies is to make sure people remember they are not alone, that the nation, the country, the people of this country are all with them. but probably the most famous line from that speech by president clinton was that you here in oklahoma city have lost life but have not lost america. america is with you. and i think to show that we are one america, that we are united by common purpose in the face of these kinds of situations is a critical thing that a president
4:33 pm
above all others can do. >> so this is a defining moment for this president and no matter which way you look at it. is that going to be measured by the word choice, what he says or also by his body language? no one can forget president george w. bush 9/11 when he was in front of the classroom and you could see the demeanor of the president once we learned that information that he received the demeanor of him. that was as indelible as any word could have been. >> there is no doubt the pictures here, the television matters. the sense of empathy that a president is able to convey by what he says and how he acts these are important things. i think going forward it becomes more important in terms of how he shows that he is a healer for the country. this is especially difficult now that we are in the middle of a very contentious political season where the president and
4:34 pm
candidate romney are not being very much healers. they are going at it and fighting pretty hard a moment like this makes that kind of politicking that much more discorted. >> very appreciated. a lot of us are counting down to the olympic games. the opening ceremony is friday. the summer games are challenging athletes. it is also coinciding with the muslim holy month. it means no food, drink or water during day light hours and that includes a lot of olympians. to prove how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. we invite you to get a free sample and try one on too.
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this year's summer olympics takes place during the muslim observance. muslims are required to fast during ramadan. richard green joining me from london. even athletes are at the biggest sporting event of their lives and spent hours, days, months, years to get to this point. how are many of them going to balance their religious believes with their olympic greemz? >> it is not going to be easy. we spoke to a young woman. she is 17 years old. she is a weight lifter and she is the first woman from her country ever to qualify for the olympics. she is from the united arab emirates. she would like to fast. she is supposed to eat 5,000 calories a day as part of her training, more than twice as much as you would expect an active young woman to eat.
4:39 pm
muslims are allowed to eat during the hours of night but there is no way to get 5,000 calories into your body during that amount of time so she is wrestling with what she is going to do. >> she hasn't decided. >> last we talked to her she was hoping to fast. she was thinking that she wanted to fast but i think she is going to have to play it by ear a little bit. this is the world stage and she needs to eat a tremendous amount of food to be able to lift the weights she lifts at olympic levels. >> and then you talk to others who are also torn. then it seems like others like the rower is saying i have to ingest these calories. it is a 17-hour day of day light in london. that is a really long time to go without food. he seems to have made a decision. was he conflicted? >> there are alternatives. this is a british guy. his father was from morocco. he is one of the great british
4:40 pm
olympic hopes. he says he has spoken to his imam about it. he is going to fast after ramadan and he will pay to have 1,800 people in morocco fed. there are athletes who are finding ways around it or finding creative ways to deal with this dilemma. >> and then the judo competitor said i can't afford to lose a match. i have to take in the calories. >> that's right. this is a young man. he said god is merciful and compassionate. the thing is to do what i do. god understands that people sin and do your best and thank god whether you win or lose. >> 23% of the world population is muslim. explain to us the importance of fasting as an obligation and
4:41 pm
what many religious leaders are saying about the choice of sports since it is an elective. >> well, that's right. as you say this is not a problem that affects a small minority of people. nearly one out of four people world wide is muslim. there are a lot of people affected by this problem. fasting during ramadan is one of the five most important pillars of the faith. you are expected to pray five times a day and fasting during ramadan is as important. there are religious leaders who say nobody is forcing you to be an athlete. this is not a religious obligation. this is something you have chosen to do. basically you made your choice and you have to live with it. you chose to be an athlete. you are good enough to go to the games. you have to fast while you are there. some of them are saying because you are a muslim there
4:42 pm
representing islam it is all the more important for you to fast. there are other imams who say we are living in the real world. islam is not supposed to make you suffer. it is supposed to be a religion of ease and not pain. if there is a good way around this if you can fast later or do something to make up it is okay. there are other alternatives. >> it is a fascinating discussion. thank you for bringing it to us. the opening ceremonies start on friday. you can read richard's story on it is a fascinating read. it really is. you can add your own comments if you would like, as well. james holmes, the accused gunman is expected in court tomorrow. we'll take a look at the legal road ahead and the potential charges he faces. i'm feeling a very strong male spirit present. it's the priceline negotiator.
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4:45 pm
james holmes the accused gunman in the colorado masst shooting is expected to appear in court tomorrow. i spoke about the legal road ahead for holmes. >> not just aggravated murder,
4:46 pm
murder, attempted murder, arson charges, domestic terrorism. if you multiply the number of potential charges over 500 charges that excludes the booby trap charges that will also be rendered by a grand jury here. we are dealing with hundreds of potential charges against holmes. i think in this case there is still much to be known and could be more than that. >> up to 500 and maybe more so. we are talking about james holmes, the suspect making his way to court for the first time on monday. he will be facing local charges and federal authorities on the ground, as well. what do you see in terms of the potential of the legal avenue that he is going to be going down? >> first of all, what a somber day and a day for reflection. cnn is doing a wonderful job of coverage on this case.
4:47 pm
when this man walks into court on monday i don't know if he knows where he is going to be or his stages in life. this man is facing the end of his life. whether or not they are going to be able to come up with a mental defect or incapacity or mental illness i don't know. as you touched on with my buddy earlier there was a lot of time and effort and planning that went into this. that is really going to take him out of the realm of any insanity deal. this man looks like he is going to go to trial eventually on this case. he'll die in prison. that is what is going to happen here. >> apparently he has already obtained an attorney. and so given what we have learned thus far just in less than 24 hours time of where the purchases of the firearms took place and to get a permit and the time it may have taken to actually plan this might there be separate charges even if he
4:48 pm
legally purchased these firearms might there be separate charges that involve the permitting or licensing or obtaining of these firearms? >> i don't think so. in colorado you spent $152.50 to get a permit per arm. he has at least we know in this case four. one might argue that somehow the bass shop that sold the arms would be legally responsible. i can't come up with any potential legal theory because when they do the background check and other obligations they didn't do anything wrong as far as we know right now. in terms of liability of the gun sellers those people that supplied it i don't see anything, not a thing. >> given the precedence of columbine and many other things the d.a. is known to be one that would explore the death penalty. do you see it being inevitable?
4:49 pm
>> if you are going to have the death penalty, if you believe in it and it is legal, isn't this the case for it? come on. what a tragedy. what an utter disgrace and horrific conduct here. i think avery is right in the state of colorado all there is a requirement for the gun dealers to reflect the sale on the books, keep records of the sales of these types of guns. there is no registration requirement in the state of colorado. therefore he legally obtained these rifles and these glocks. all the equipment was legally obtained. having that been the state of the law in colorado we're looking at actually what happened. i think that is where all the liability is going to fall. >> great legal minds. stay tuned to cnn. we will be monitoring james holmes court appearance tomorrow morning and bringing that to you live.
4:50 pm
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how is the housing recovery coming along?
4:53 pm
we'll learn much more in a few days. reports on home values, sales of new homes and homes under contract are on the way this week. we will get major earnings news including numbers from apple and the first from facebook. joining me is market analyst. give it up. we have a lot going on this week potentially. let's begin with housing. >> a tremendous amount going on because americans want to know are housing values going up or continuing to go lower. we will find out on tuesday. we have a critical housing report on new home sales. are people buying these homes? we are looking for some type of an uptick. hopefully that will continue throughout the summer. this is a big report card coming up. >> major news potentially on earnings reports, as well? >> that's right because apple releases earnings report on tuesday and everybody wants to know how many ipads they sold but how many iphones they
4:54 pm
actually sold because the iphone 5 is rolling out this fiall. you have sdmat the facebook release. this is our first earnings report since the company went public. as you know that wasn't a great ipo. that remains to be seen how things turn out for them. >> that's right. there was a lot of drum beating and it was quite the occasion but then it sort of fell flat. but then i don't know it seems like they would have rebounded by now. >> you would think so. here is the thing. you have to suspect that a lot of retail investors, main street investors were also users of facebook. because of that disastrous ipo how many of them stayed away? we will hear from that on thursday as well as how many people clicked on the ads. >> thanks so much. good to see you sunday. appreciate it. have a good week. >> a good busy week. more than a dozen people
4:55 pm
still recovering in the hospital from the colorado mass shooting. we will be talking with an emergency room doctor to find out how they are doing. ? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. [ male announcer ] ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now, that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. i don't have to use gas. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. drive around town all the time doing errands and never ever have to fill up gas in the city. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. the last time i went to the gas station must have been about three months ago. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car.
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4:57 pm
a troubling picture of colorado shooting suspect james holmes is beginning to develop. the manager of a gun range is now coming forward saying his contact with holmes was weird and even bizarre in his words.
4:58 pm
drew griffin is tracking that part of the story. >> reporter: james holmes applied online on june 25th to join a private gun range about a half hour drive from where he was living. the owner there called back and got a message on james holmes message machine that he described as very weird, almost like the person leaving the message was drunk, he told us gutteral, weird, bizarre, a deep forced voice on reportedly james holmes message machine. he said to his staff this guy doesn't get anywhere near our range until i meet him personally. he told one of our producers he didn't know if this guy was an idiot or what was happening. it was only after the killing that his staff went back and remembered the name matched this
4:59 pm
guy who had applied online and they found out that this is indeed the guy who applied online to join their gun range and had this very, very odd message machine at his home. it's just bits and pieces but we now know that james holmes was at least trying or attempting to get to a gun range to practice perhaps with the guns that he was using allegedly to kill all of these people. >> drew griffin reporting from denver. tomorrow morning this crime moves to the court. suspect james holmes makes his initial court appearance. what are the expectations, ed? >> reporter: it will be his first court appearance and the judge in this case is allowing a camera into the courtroom. it will be the first glimpse that anyone has gotten of james holmes since he was taken into custody in the early hours of friday mog.

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